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Direct Cremation

Here at Markham Funeral Service we are able to offer a Direct Cremation service at our local crematorium in Suffolk for your loved one.

We are often asked…

What is a ‘Direct Cremation’?

A ‘Direct Cremation’ is a simple, non-attended cremation service at the local crematorium as apposed to a full formal funeral service with mourners in attendance.

What is the price of Markham Funeral Service’s ‘Direct Cremation’?


What is included in the ‘Direct Cremation’ Service?

We provide the following services:

• Your loved one will be brought into our care at Markham Funeral Service in Woodbridge, in a Private Ambulance by our highly experienced, uniformed team, where they will remain until the day of cremation.

• We fully care for your loved one EXACTLY the same as if they were to be having a full funeral service. Please feel free to bring to us any clothing you wish for your loved one to be dressed in along with any belongings or keepsakes you may wish for them to have on their final journey.

• You are most welcome to come and visit your loved one in our on-site chapel of rest.

• We provide all the support and assistance needed for you and your family to make sure that your wishes for your loved one are met, including organising any future arrangements for interment/scattering of your loved ones ashes.

• You will be fully informed of the Date and Time of your loved one’s cremation.

• We will happily play music/anything special to your loved one when travelling to the crematorium.

• Cremation Fee is included in the price.

• Doctors Cremation Paperwork fees are included in the price.

• We provide a simple coffin that is suitable for cremation included in the price of our direct cremation service, however you are very welcome to upgrade this coffin if you wish to one of our brochure coffins. (Prices available on request)

• You are most welcome to have some flowers placed with your loved one if you wish, we can happily arrange this with one of our local florists.

• We transport your loved one privately to the crematorium.

• We will bring your loved ones ashes into our care when they are ready and look after them for you.

• We can provide you with many different types of ashes caskets, scatter tubes or memorial jewellery if requested.

What is not included in the Price of the ‘Direct Cremation’?

• A call out fee will be incurred if we are required to bring your loved one into our care outside of normal office hours (Monday to Friday 9-5pm)

• Mileage Charges will be incurred if we are required to bring your loved one into our care outside of a 20 Mile radius of Markham Funeral Service.

• Upgrades to coffin/ashes container choice

• Flowers will be charged at cost if required.

Why choose a Direct Cremation?

The popularity of Direct Cremation services in comparison to full bespoke funeral services has dramatically increased over the past few years, and it is completely understandable why this is the case! Many families choose to opt with a ‘Direct Cremation’ for the following reasons:

• A ‘Direct Cremation’ is often a much lower cost in comparison to a fully bespoke funeral service.

• Many families choose to have a ‘Direct Cremation’ take place so that a ‘celebration of life service’ or ‘memorial service’ can be held at a later date. It may be more convenient to organise a full gathering of family members/friends than at short notice after someone sadly passes away. For example, this can be the case if family members are scattered across the globe or children/grandchildren are studying at school/university.

• Many families explain that their loved ones expressed their own wishes to have a low-key, dignified cremation take place and did not want a full bespoke funeral service.

• Some families do not like attending funeral services… which is absolutely fine and understandable!!! Maybe there is trauma associated with a funeral from a previous death within their family or the thought of a Funeral Service for their loved one is too difficult for them to be able to bear. Nobody should EVER feel ashamed if this is the case, we completely understand and it is a regular occurrence despite some feeling that they are unusual for thinking this way, we will support you.

• Often the interment/scattering of a loved one’s ashes is a much more significant event for a family and by having a ‘Direct Cremation’ service it allows time for planning a celebration that will be perfect for all in attendance, as scattering/interring someone’s ashes in a special place can be a beautiful moment. 

• Some families may use funds that would have been used for a bespoke funeral service to put towards something special in their loved one’s memory, such as a memorial headstone, memorial bench or even a donation to a charity special to their heart.

We are happy to discuss and assist in any way possible if you have any questions regarding our ‘Direct Cremation’ Service. Please feel free to call us on 01728 747795 at any time of the day or night, or alternatively you can email with any questions.

If you would like some help please call us on 01728 747795 or email us here

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